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Autism Spectrum Disorder in Adults

There are numerous sources on Autism Spectrum Disorder in children, but it is rare to find information and support for Adults on the Spectrum.

What happens to those children when they grow up? Where are all the ASD Adults? Although the majority of websites refer to children, there are a few honorable initiatives towards supporting ASD Adults.

Being founded by an ASD Adult whose diagnosis came in adulthood, SPECNET is one such initiative; We aim in supporting ASD adults by sponsoring business tools, courses, therapy sessions.

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Our Goal

Receiving an inadequate diagnosis or as is more often the case, receiving an incorrect diagnosis can have a devastating impact on the life of a person on the Spectrum. Those on the Spectrum find themselves struggling to keep up in a world where they are not seen for who they really are. It is not uncommon for situations or tasks to become so overwhelming that they lead to the individual experiencing severe meltdowns that affect their overall well-being.

The lack of an accurate, or an inadequate diagnosis also creates barriers and biases in the minds of others. The impact of this is the creation of a credibility gap towards those claiming to be on the Spectrum and ultimately results in the lack of support from their immediate environment. The importance of an expert’s opinion is therefore critical to the lives and wellbeing of people on the Spectrum.

In addition to identifying the disorder, therapy sessions with ASD experts help adults on the Spectrum to improve their lives to a great extent. But getting a diagnosis and finding an expert is the exception rather than the rule.

Worldwide there are many men and women on the Spectrum who lack support. SPECNET‘s goal is to fill the missing gap of support by offering a variety of services to all people on the Spectrum.

Objectives & Cause

With our work we aim to meet our Community's essential needs.
  • Psychological support
  • Personal improvement
  • Career Development
  • Business Growth
  • Lifelong learning
  • Explore & cultivate one’s skills
  • Networking
  • Locate ASD experts worldwide

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