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We respond to your most frequent questions

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to your most common questions regarding SPECNET’s Services. If you do not find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us.


1. What types of Memberships are there?

There are 2 types of Membership:


With the Free Membership, you gain lifetime access to SPECNET’s Marketplace where you can list and sell your work.

Plan A

Plan A has a lifetime fee of 15€ (≈$16.60). Additionally to Marketplace access, we send you your own SPECNET ID.

2. For how long does a Membership last?

All Membership plans are lifetime plans.

3. Who is eligible for becoming a SPECNET Member?

Only adults on the Spectrum can become Members. If you are not a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder and still wish to support SPECNET’s Cause, please scroll to Section G – Donations, Partnerships & Sponsorships.

4. How do I apply for Membership?

You can become a SPECNET Member by filling the application form HERE.

B)Education & Training

1. What types of Education/Training Programs do you offer?

Depending on the amount of funds available, SPECNET aims to:

Organize & conduct Conferences

Give educational & training Seminars and Webinars

Set up Workshops

Sponsor Courses

2. Who is eligible for your Educational and Training programs?

To avoid scammers, to ensure that our funds are correctly invested to those in need, only ASD adults who are members can apply to the Sponsored Courses. However attendance to SPECNET Conferences, Seminars/Webinars, and Workshops is also available for professionals, students, and family members of people on the Spectrum.

3. What is the cost of those Programs?

For ASD people who will attend any of SPECNET’s Sponsored Courses, there is no fee. For attending one of our other Events, there will be a fee. The fee for each Event will be announced separately on each Event’s page. The fee varies according to the type of the event, the place, the attendance, the duration, and more.

4. How many people can follow a Sponsored Course?

The available numbers of attendees for each Course depends on our Partner’s policy.

C)Business Tools

1. What types of Business Tools do you offer?

For the time being, our resources are limited. Therefore, we are currently able to offer 8 Websites to 8 people who wish to change their career, make a new start, or grow their current business.

2. Who is eligible for applying to SPECNET's Business Tools?

As stated above, to avoid scammers, and to ensure that our funds are correctly invested to those in need, only ASD adults who are SPECENT members can apply for a website. Once you apply, we contact you in order to discuss further the idea, the content of the website, and inform you about current availability. In case our partners are not available for the time being, we schedule your website for construction in the next time slot available. You do not need to apply twice. In case you want to make changes in your application, contact us directly.

3. How to I apply?

Apply anytime by filling the form on the page “Business Tools”, under “Services”.

4. Is there a cost?

To build a website, one needs:

1. Server to host the website

2. One or more domain names

3. Technical support (optional)

SPECNET, for all 8 websites will sponsor the cost of hosting and domain names for 1 (one) year, as well as the cost of construction. Technical support is optional and the services and/or fees that apply depend on the Sponsoring Partner’s policy.


1. What is SPECNET Marketplace?

SPECNET Marketplace is an online selling platform where you can list and sell your work.

2. Who can list products on The Marketplace?

Our Marketplace is available only to ASD adults who are SPECENT members.

3. What types of products can I sell?

Hoping not to stop your creativity, we post a few suggestions:

Artwork (paintings, sculptures, wooden crafts, etc)

Crochet items (scarves, accessories, decoratives)


Downloadable work (e-book, coloring templates, posters, etc)

4. Is there a fee?

There is no fee to become a vendor. There is only a small commission of each sale, to contribute to the platform’s maintenance costs.

5. How can I apply to Become a Vendor?

You can apply by filling the form HERE. Once you apply, please give us up to 4 (four) days to review your application. After your application gets approved, you become a SPECNET Vendor and a Member.

6. How do I set up a Store?

For any questions regarding your Store management and set up, please consult the Knowledge Base on your Store Manager page.
You can access Store Manager from your Account page after your application is approved.

E)Therapy Sessions

1. What does exactly SPECNET offer with regards to mental health improvement?

With the support of our Partners, Sponsors, and Donators, we aim to sponsor, in our turn, Therapy Sessions for a certain time frame and/or evaluation. The availability of the Sessions depends merely on our Partners’ timetable. Unfortunately, SPECNET cannot offer directly Therapy Sessions. Therefore, the only way to assist people on the Spectrum and give them access to Therapy is through partnering network.

2. Who is eligible for therapy/evaluation?

Every person, from 18 years and above who is or suspects that is on the Spectrum and are SPECNET Members.

3. For how long can SPECNET sponsor Therapy Sessions?

The time frame of the Sessions depends on the number of applicants, as well as the availability of our Partners.

4. Where do Sessions take place?

If the expert is located near your place of residence, you can arrange a meeting. However, Skype sessions are also available by most Experts.

F)Expert Training

1. What is ``Expert Training``?

Expert Training is a plethora of Events that we will organize, aiming to train professionals in the field of ASD diagnosis and sessions.

2. Who can participate?

Attendance to Expert Training Events (Conferences, Seminars/Webinars, and Workshops) is available for ASD adults, professionals, and students.

3. Is there a fee?

Yes, there will be a fee which will be announced separately on each Event’s page. The fee varies according to the type of the event, the place, the attendance, the duration, and more.

4. Where does Training take place?

Some Training events will be online while we plan to set up local events too.

G)Donations, Partnerships & Sponsorships

1. Why do you need Donations & Sponsors?

Our Community is in great need. Many charismatic adults struggle daily because they lack the essentials tools in order to survive in this world. To help as many people on the Spectrum as we can, we at SPECNET have set up a plethora of services. However, these services do not come free to us. We need your help and support, in order to be able to provide our services to those who are in need.

2. Who can support SPECNET's Cause?

Every person with a good heart can support our Cause 🧡.

3. In what ways can I contribute?

Here are a few ways you can support SPECNET’s Cause and help us achieve out Community’s goals:

Make a purchase from SPECNET Shop

Make a donation

Offer a Service or a Product

Sponsor one of our actions, events, or website