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Business Tools

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Assets to help your business grow online

Whether you have a creative hobby, changed your career or you want to grow your business, SPECNET wants to be on your side.

In partnership with NODETRACK and with the support of our generous contributors, we are able to sponsor the construction of 8 Websites during the year 2020-2021. The types of websites SPECNET can sponsor at the moment are business/services, e-shops, restaurants, and hotels.

If you have more questions regarding this service, visit our FAQs page.

Due to resources limitations, applications will close briefly, if the amount of applicants exceeds the number of people that can be served at that moment.

Application process

How to prepare and present your idea

Please read carefully the steps below and make sure you present your idea as clearly as you can. If you have any questions, you can Contact us.

  1. Do a lot of research
    Search for competitors, similar products/services, how others present their brand, take notes of things you could do differently, or improve, etc.
  2. Describe your idea
    Give us a text of 120-180 words, that will help us acquire a more accurate image of your idea/business.
  3. Provide us inforamtion
    Send images, videos, or links to describe better your project.
  4. Read the Application
    We advise that you read the application and prepare your answers in advance. This will ensure that you provide us with as much information as possible. Also, it saves you a lot of time from re-submitting the Application.
  5. Apply
    You can apply by clicking the link below.

A special ``Thank You`` to our generous Partners

SPECNET in partnership with NODETRACK sponsors the construction of 8 WordPress websites for 8 different people on the Spectrum.

To support our Cause, NODETRACK offers the construction of the said amount of websites at a 60% discount for SPECNET’s Members. SPECNET sponsors the total cost (100%) of the construction of each and every one of the 8 websites. Additionally, SPECNET sponsors the registration of 2 domain names, as well as 1 year hosting on Siteground.

To help website owners get accustomed to the platform’s admin panel, NODETRACK offers 50 free technical support tickets for each website during the first year.

After the course of the 1st year, domain name as well as hosting renewals pass on to the website owner.
Renewal fees and/or technical fees are set by our partner.

Visit partner's page (EXT)